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Good people are fed up with corporate greed. Employees often find that their employer is stealing from the government by illegal billing, paying kickbacks and through other improper actions. Government fraud occurs in many areas including Medicare billing, government contractors, nursing homes, pharmaceuticals, and in public companies that mislead their shareholders, among others.

After discovering wrongdoing at their workplace, some employees report it to their supervisor, only to be punished or targeted for doing the right thing. There are Federal and State laws that protect employees from being fired or retaliated against for reporting their employer’s illegal activity. These laws often compensate the “whistleblower” for coming forward, and that compensation can include compensatory damages, lost wages, punitive damages and often a portion of the money recovered by the government.

The cases our lawyers have handled have resulted in the recovery of over half a billion dollars for the Federal Government, which was shared with the whistleblowers. If you believe you have a whistleblower case, contact us for a free consultation to discuss your rights.


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